3 Best Techniques to Master the Art of Curl Refreshing

The holy grail of hair revitalization is the secret to a carefree, get-up-and-go curl lifestyle. Maybe you’ve heard the term “refresh” before, or maybe this is the first time you’ve heard it. In any case, this article lists the steps to mastering the art of refreshing so you can save time in your morning ritual.

So, what exactly is “refreshing”? For those who haven’t heard, refreshing is the process of reshaping and maintaining your curls following wash day using the least amount of time, tools, and product necessary.

In other words, it’s getting more use out of your hair to avoid having to start over every morning (or afternoon/night, depending on your schedule!).

Here are tips to help you get more mileage out of your hair and prevent starting over every morning. Read on to help you get started with your search for “curly hair salon near me”:


Are you thinking about taking care of your curls before going to bed? If that’s the case, you’ve already nailed the first step in a good refresh regimen. You’ll want to figure out the best approach to keeping your curls intact while catching sleep. When you’re ready to refresh, you will set up for success.

Using a buff or hat, sleeping on a satin pillowcase, pineapple or double-pineapple your curls (all available through our online store).

Combining a satin pillowcase with the measures above for optimal curl prevention earns bonus points.


A wet refresh may be right for you if your curls are light, fluffy, or thin. Wet refreshing entails clumping and redefining your curls with primarily water.

You’ll need your trusty spray bottle, flour sackcloth, and your favorite gel for this procedure. Simply split your curls to target frizzy or undefined areas, drenching each portion completely with your water bottle as you go.

Apply a thin application of gel using prayer hands once it’s dripping wet. Last but not least, scrunch up your flour sack towel.

Move your curls section by section until they’re damp, gelled, and revitalized! You’ll be on your way to rocking third, fourth, and hopefully fifth, six, seven-day curls and beyond once they’re dry!


Curls that are thick and coarse keep their shape better than thin curls. As a result, a dry refresh is typically the best way for thicker curlies to get their hair ready for the day.

In this situation, all you’ll need is your preferred filler; take your foam or crème, or even a leave-in conditioner. There’s no need for water!

To begin, separate your hair to target the areas you believe need help (frizzier and stringier sections), similar to wet refreshing. To ensure proper product consumption without becoming heavy, use around half the amount you would on wash day for your product.

Emulsify well by rubbing between your palms before distributing over your sectioned curls with prayer hands or the rope method. You’re set to go once you’ve covered all of your curls.

Of course, if you need convenience and time, you can also visit the best curly hair salon in San Francisco.


It’s all about trial and error, just like with many curly hair tips, hacks, and routines. Try another method if one doesn’t work for you. Also, keep in mind that practice makes perfect (perfection is never the goal, curl). You can also make minor adjustments to suit your lifestyle or curl pattern, whichever works best. Ultimately, you’ll find the exact blend that will allow you and your curls to live your best lives if you keep trying or just go visit the best curly hair salons in San Francisco!

Hairicc is a committed colorist and curly hair expert who creates personalized colors and shapes for every client who passes through our doors. We believe in natural-looking, delicate blonding that allows our clients to grow out their hair between treatments. Book an appointment if you’re looking for a curly hair salon in San Francisco!

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