What You Need to Know before Dyeing Your Hair a Bold Color

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about having lavender or silver hair? You’re not alone. Clients of all ages ask for fantasy hair colors like soft pastels or bold, bright pink. The only issue? Most people have no idea how much time or money it takes to achieve these looks.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the process: the costs, how long it lasts, and what to expect as you decide whether this season’s fashion hair color shades fit your lifestyle.


Nowadays, we can pick from various hair color formulas, including pastels, metallics, and brighter shades. They can also be applied using techniques like ombre and balayage!

Achieving candy colors is not a simple process, even with advanced formulas. As pretty and fun as these hair colors can be, some particular difficulties associated with achieving them are not so obvious.

You’ll need to have a consultation first and ask as many questions as possible. This way, you’ll be sure to understand what the process will be like. Remember that pictures can be deceiving—you want to be sure you know what’s going to happen.


For these colors to appear as vibrant and clear as they are in pictures, your hair must be pre-lightened or bleached. The lighter you want the fashion color to be, the more your existing color must be lifted beforehand.

Note that it might take a few sessions to lighten your hair enough to apply the fashion color if you have brown hair. That’s why stylists write sessions required; results vary per client. Keep in mind that you’ll pay for each session separately, too.

If you don’t lighten your hair enough before using a fashion color, your natural color will still show through. The result won’t be the shade you want but a brassy tone.

Avoiding orange tones when trying to achieve an ashy look, like silver or lavender, is important. Otherwise, as the ashy color fades, it will look even more orange.


The color you end up with depends on your current hair color, length, thickness, and color history.

If you come in with a full foil and want to turn your blonde hair silver, that’s just an all-over toner away. However, this is a best-case scenario that would depend on if the blonde in your hair is already very light.

If you come in with dark brown hair and want to be pastel pink, your hair needs to be stripped and lightened (probably more than once). Then, your stylist will hopefully recommend a treatment before going any further. Finally, a pastel color will be applied.

Remember that it’s rare to achieve a drastic color change in a single sitting! So, brunettes looking to go lighter have already made several trips to the salon before even getting to their final shade.


Bold colors fade a little bit after being washed, and sometimes they fade a lot. The darker the color, the longer it will last. It’s better to go to a stylist who does those colors daily because anyone can get lucky a couple of times. But you’ll get better results from someone who knows how to work with fashion colors.

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